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I'm Audio Director, Sound Designer & Artist

Game sound design. Film sound design. Film mix. Sound Effects Library, Game Sound Designer, Movie Sound Designer, Game Sound effects, VR Sound

About me

I'm creative and versatile Sound Designer & Mixer. My experience and international career helped me to find my own style, mixing the best of the western and japanese styles : the details and loudness of the west, and the sharp and impactive effects from the east.

I have an excellent adaptability and flexibility in various environments and projects. I started my career 17 years ago as sound engineer. Since then I worked on numbers of movies, games and animated series as mixer and sound designer. My clients include 2K Games, WeMade, Smilegate, DeNA, Com2US, Bandai Namco, OTOY (Virtual Reality), Samsung, LG, Unity 3d, Nowcom, Korean movies, etc. .
I started to work for animation and movies in my early twenties and I also sound design and mix movies since I live in Korea. I had the opportunity to mix in surround with 5.1 speakers system (Dolby and DTS systems). I worked on different kinds of genres : drama, science fiction, horror, short movies, romance, thriller, etc..
My game works include licences like Civilization, Gundam, Yokai Watch, Fist of the North Star, etc. I was lead audio designer on PC Games as well as casual smartphones or indie games (tower defense, card games, mmorpg, puzzle games, moba, adventure, etc..). I know Unity 3d audio scripting in C sharp and I worked with FMOD, Cry Engine and Unity engine and some experience with Unreal. I also collaborate with OTOY, a leading company in VR Technologies and 3d rendering.

My Sound Portfolio

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What I can do

My Services.

Sound Design - Effects and Foley

Tired of having dull sound design? Tired of listening the same sounds in all games, that a probably lazy sound designer took from a sound library? Then, I'm here to help you.

Recording & Sound Library making

Sounds easy right ? But recording a very clean and good sound is a real art. Whatever you need : foley, voice, etc. I will do it right don't worry.

Mixing Movie & Balancing sounds in game

Mixing a movie, tv-series, animation, documentary or balancing sounds in a game. I'm here for that for mono, stereo or multi-channel. I also know about Unity 3d sound scripting.

Restoring & Repairing Sound issues

A bad location sound recording? Don't panic, I can extract and process your sound the most advanced way to make your original recording crisp and clean.

Teaching & Sharing my knowledge

Since I was young, I’m always glad to teach to students. Sound engineering, piano, sound design techniques, etc. I’m outgoing and can easily share my knowledge in english.

Composing Music

I can compose your music score, with 2Tb of virtual instruments, I'm ready to handle your project with confidence.


My education and experience.


Stanford University - Physics-Based Sound Synthesis for Games

Learning about Digital Signal Processing and computational acoustics, motivated by the vibrational physics of real-world objects and systems.

Paris 8 University - Master’s degree (Cinema & audiovisual studies)

Learning about sound in movies, mixing, video editing and movie art.

Classical Piano - Gold medalist (excellence, highest grade)

I studied more than 15 years the classical piano. I’m able to play classical music but also any other kind of music. I like to compose too.


Since 2012 : Team Leader Sound Designer & Audio Director in Seoul

Sound design & Mix for video games, VR and Korean movies in 5.1 and over.

2008-2012 : Sound Supervisor

Supervising sound & mix of animated series. Also in charge of casting and directing the voice actors.

2006-2008 : CEO of Sound Studios in Paris

Managing the team and business. Studio architect designer and technical director. Sound Supervisor

2002-2006 : Voice Actor and Sound Engineer Freelancer

Voice actor and director for Bandai, Disney, Warner, Universal, UbiSoft and Dubbing mixer. In 2010 : Award winner - best dubbing director.

1999-2002 : Sound Engineer

Sound engineer. Studio Recording and Mixing for ADR and Dubbing.

Dual Xeon 16 cores, Ram: 48Gb, Nvidia GTX 970, 3Tb of sound effects, 2Tb of instruments, Euphonix McMix, Neumann mic, etc.

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